Pim Pouw is our designer. He was born in 1967 and since 1986 he is assisting in restoring aeroplanes at the Early Birds Foundation at Lelystad.

Over the past twenty years with this foundation he has gained experience in understanding and building planes. Professionally he is involved in building planes too.
Currently he is working at Neitraco in Bunnik (NL), and is mainly involved in designing production tools for the aircraft industry. The concerned products  mainly consist of composites (carbon, aramid , glass fibers). For this, he designs the tools such as laminating molds , trim molds and assembly - jigs. 

As a design tool , he now uses mainly CATIA V5. For many years this software from Dassault the best 3D CAD / CAM package of major aircraft manufacturers. For example, the Boeing 777 and 90% of the Airbus A380 is modelled in CATIA V4 (the former version of CATIA.) Because he has been professionally working with this software, it is also the obvious choice to design the G-1 in this package.